Coming of age
for my family

I’m warning you,
After forty-two years
Of enforced domestication
And your tyrannical
Occupation of my life,
I am finally planning rebellion.

I will not, do you hear
Be bound by your house rules
Any longer, maintain myself
With unrelenting care
Like a vintage car
For your exclusive use,
Or save myself up
To be your Xmas bonus
For another Roman holiday.

Can’t you see
I’ve come of age at last,
So give me that big gold key
Hanging round your neck
Or I swear I’ll leave home
For good without it, swim out
On the next ebb tide
For that marine mirage,
Hitch a ride out of town
With a dubious stranger,
Catch the first flight
To Noumea, Bombay, Marrakech
(Your other captive chose Jerusalem
On the Wanganui, remember?)

And in the back streets
Spend myself recklessly
Down to my very last cell
In a dangerously
Extravagant spending spree
Until the debt collector
Catches up with me.